Report: Investor transaction experience - Upgrading the Service Delivery

Report Summary

The second report in our 2014 research study takes a closer look at the transaction phase of HNW client experience.  We focus on the factors that matter to wealthy investors when they are undertaking a transaction with a wealth management firm.  In particular, we ask what is changing in the nature of the HNW transactional experience as digital technology evolves to support and subvert traditional business practices.

What you need to know in brief:

  •  HNW clients feel that a wealth management advisor is the linchpin of a great transaction experience.
  • The top three factors that matter most to HNW investors when making a trade all relate to their human contact point.
  • The most committed HNWIs – who hold over 75% of their cash with a single provider – place the highest value on the advice of their wealth manager.
  • Digital technologies complement the human interface and HNWs are active users of online wealth management solutions.

Futurewealth 2014

During 2014, our ongoing Futurewealth research will explore the Futurewealthy as customers. What do they expect from their wealth management relationships, what prompts them to seek advice from wealth managers or private banks and how do they rate the service they receive? The results will be issued in four separate research reports, all available for download.


Wealth managers, private banks, financial advisors, investment managers, digital wealth solution providers.

Research process

This is the fifth year of our Futurewealth research series. The report findings are based on the views of 3,025 individuals from around the world with an average worth of USD2.9 million. We refer to them as the Futurewealthy because they are at the front of a global charge up the wealth curve.

Futurewealth is a global customer insight programme that examines wealth management trends and the thoughts, needs and aspirations of HNW investors. In 2009, when many in the industry didn’t believe that it was possible to survey wealthy clients in statistically valid numbers, Scorpio Partnership began this attitudinal research programme. Today, over 15,000 HNWs have taken part and their input has created a database of over 5 million segmentable data points.


HNW Research


Scorpio Partnership, SEI (NASDAQ: SEIC), NPG Wealth Management