Report: Sustainability & responsibility in wealth management - Threats & opportunities

Report summary

Just what does responsibility in wealth really mean? This research report gathers findings designed to help wealth owners to navigate on the right side of the huge changes currently sweeping the wealth management world. It shares insights into the threats and opportunities of a fast moving environment and explores the importance of sustainability and responsibility because, as is often said, “with wealth comes great responsibility”.

What you need to know in brief:

  • When it comes to wealth creation and wealth management, advisors make the assumption that “family comes first”, but that may well be missing an important part of the story.
  • In fact, HNW investors are proactively engaged in responsible wealth creation through the businesses, their investments and their philanthropic activity.
  • HNWs give almost equal weighting to family, to civic duty and to wider social issues in their approach to wealth creation.
  • Crucially, they want to do more to be more effective responsible wealth creators.
  • Individuals see the most room for growth to achieve their potential as responsible wealth creators on wider issues such as charity, ethical investing, environmental responsibility and engagement in civic society.
  • Responsible wealth – in the eyes of wealth creators – is as much about engaging with society at large as it is about protecting one’s own interests.
  • On balance, HNWs see the driving forces in social and economic change as opportunities for wealth creation rather than threats.


Wealth managers and financial advisors

Research process

For this research report, we asked the views of 250 multi-millionaires in four of the world’s greatest wealth creating economies: Russia, the US, Germany and the UK, and have contrasted their views with those of a number of wealth management experts and advisors.

250 multi-millionaires took part with an average wealth of USD3.5 million.


HNW research, philanthropy