The 2016 BNP Paribas Global Entrepreneur report, created in association with Scorpio Partnership, is the second in a series of reports that aim to provide a definitive global tracking of the evolving profile, hopes and dreams of the world's most successful entrepreneurs and their wealth creation ambitions.

In last year's entrepreneurialism report, we focused on tracing the diverse paths of entrepreneurialism and focused on the business owners' approach to success.  We uncovered a sense among entrepreneurs that their efforts were not simply for personal gain but for much broader ambitions both for their country and wider society.

Ultimately, our observations highlighted that entrepreneurial individuals drive global wealth creation, often singlehandedly, in a way that it totally distinct from the rest of the population.

This year, we have focused on our HNW research on how the lives of successful entrepreneurs have developed over the past 12 months.  We have also given special attention to two entrepreneurial profiles which we believe will have a major influence in the years to come:

1. Millennipreneurs

These are HNW entrepreneurs currently under 35 years of age.  These individuals represent a new type of business leader and their approach to success is fascinating:

  • 78% come from families with a history of running their own businesses.
  • As a group, each has already established on average 7.7 companies, compared with an average of 3.5 among the 50-and-over Baby Boomers.

2.  Women entrepreneurs

While all entrepreneurs possess a strong pioneering spirit, in our opinion successful female entrepreneurs are particularly driven by the added dimension of, in many instances, breaking down social and economic barriers that had previously been considered impassable by women.  This year's report looks closely at their approach to business and the core influences on their actions.



U/HNW entrepreneurs, business owners and leaders, wealth managers, private banks, financial advisors

Research process

Our sample population of 2,594 entrepreneurs were specially selected on the basis of the attainment of a status of being successful entrepreneurs.  Of this total sample, 883 were female entrepreneurs.

This year, the participants' average turnover of companies controlled by these individuals also held an average net worth of USD6.6m, excluding the value that they have embedded in their primary residence.  Notably, 666 (26%) of participants were in the UHNW wealth category. (HNW is defined as individuals with net investable assets in excess of USD1 million but less than USD10 million.  UHNW is defined as individuals with net investable assets of USD10M or more.)


U/HNW research


Scorpio Partnership, BNP Paribas Wealth Management